Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

One summer project that we just started last year was our garden. This year we have expanded to two raised beds!

Last year's rainy summer made for very few tomatoes. So this year I am more hopeful for a better yield. And this looks promising!!

Something new we planted are turnips. They are really good for you and its something we never really eat. Plus they are so easy to grow. They were the first seedlings to come up. So that has been exciting!

Another new addition is the herbs. We love salsa so cilantro was a given. We also planted dill. Mom used to can dill pickles when I was a kid. And I loved to eat them. So we planted some cucumbers and mom and I are going to can some pickles this summer. Our other herb is basil. I'm hoping to cook a chicken dish using some basil. Or maybe a gourmet pizza!

And just like last year, we planted green peppers. They are so flavorful and great in so many dishes. Even on their own they are yummy. Once they get bigger and I have enough we will be making some stuffed peppers.

Our garden is growing nicely! Hopefully the sunshine continues through the summer. Send some pictures of your garden and tell me what you're growing, if it is flourishing or floundering!!

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  1. I am hoping the rain we have had lately doesn't effect this year's tomato crop. We weren't able to make as much salsa and other tomato goodies as we would have liked last year.

    The garden is doing great so far this year (so are the weeds). New things to our garden are turnips, sweet potatos, green beans, fennel, leeks, radishes and a few different varities of beets and carrots.

    Let's hope for a great summer bounty.


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