Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Baaack!

Tie dye, that is. I remember doing it when I was a kid. Mom boiled some RIT dye on the stove and we rubber banded our t-shirts and tossed them in. Now I'm tie dying t-shirts with my daughter and her friend.

Tie dyed items are showing up on the runway and in clothing stores as more than just the background of a Led Zeppelin shirt. So to keep up with what's going on in Paris, we bought some Fruit of the Looms and checked out some videos on line to figure out the cool spiral pattern.

The prep work took a lot of time. But the plastic was completely necessary.

I banded the shirts in a few different ways, curious to see which one would turn out the best. The girls had a great time, but with rubber gloves on! I wasn't so lucky. I think my hands will return to their normal color after a few days, I hope!

After a really, really, really good rinse in cold water, and my hands turning more colors, the shirts look great!! They will have to take a spin through the washer to make sure all the dye is out, then they will be ready to wear. Now I need to find a great white skirt or cute white bag and do a little dying for myself!

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  1. Love the shirts- Actually just bought a tie-dyed shirt last Friday! Funny how trends come back!!


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