Saturday, June 19, 2010

Workspace Inspiration

Where do you go to work, play, find inspiration, get away from it all? I have a little studio tucked away in my basement. I know, doesn't sound too inspiring. But I put things that inspire me in my studio - pictures, magazine clippings, little things I've picked up or friends and family have brought back from their travels. I have all of the strange things that let me be a kid again, like my garden gnome planter turned watercolor pencil holder. And it's a great space.

My daughter also has a mini-studio in her playroom. She creates her art and holds sales often. She loves to barter! I found the sweetest red school desk at a yard sale for $30 a few years ago. She loves it. In fact, we decorated around the desk. It was our inspiration. The red was a great complimentary color to the lime green I had in mind to paint one accent wall. And it has grown with her, not too babyish.

Speaking of lime green playrooms, have you seen Julia's playroom remod at Hooked On Houses. Check it out!

Candice Olsen did a studio makeover in an old closet. I love it, but Candice, why white chairs in an art studio?? Acrylic paint, charcoal, oil pastels, they are all permanent! That's ok, I still love it!!

Check out these pics from Candice and

Where are your inspiration spaces, reading nooks, places to get away from it all?


  1. I remember that makeover the Candice did. I wish she'd come do my entire house!


  2. lovely little studio for your daughter!!

  3. I remember that makeover by Candice!!! Loved that closet, but it definitely didn't look like the kind of place that you can get crazy messy with creative inspiration.
    Love your little girl's space! I have a little one as well and would love to create something like that for her.


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