Saturday, July 10, 2010

July Garden Update

It's almost mid-July and our garden is (for the most part) growing quite nicely.  The only thing that is not going to make it is the broccoli.  Something is eating it and I really don't want to use a pesticide, so we will just have to eat store-bought broccoli.

But our cucumbers are growing like crazy.  They are scaling the side of our cat deterrent, a.k.a chicken wire.  I can't wait to can dill pickles.  Our jalapeno plant is on the left.

Speaking of dill I had to cut it way back.  It started to seed and now I'm afraid I will have dill everywhere.

I do have some green beans sprouting.  Can you say fried green beans???

We have our first zucchini growing and I can already smell the zucchini bread.  I think by this weekend we'll be eating some!!

I'm really happy my tomatoes are FINALLY starting to turn red.  The first one is a grape tomato.  It is teeny tiny.

The others are coming along.  When they finally turn we'll have to be ready.  I'm thinking of canning some spaghetti sauce or stewed tomatoes.  I love stewed tomatoes, especially in chili!

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