Sunday, August 15, 2010

Handmade Birthday Gift Box

Today we are celebrating my sister's birthday.  I am still in my decoupage mode from my last success with the playroom art project so I made her a box for her gift.

The paper I used is actually saved paper from a gift she gave me, so I know she'll like it!  It is a heavy brown craft paper.  I cut the paper to the exact measurement of the inside of the lid and used the Mod Podge first, then put the paper in.

Then I cut a square big enough to wrap the whole lid.  I covered the underside in Mod Podge then I cut the excess paper away so when I folded up the sides there wasn't a lot of extra paper.  Remember, the lid has to fit over the box.  I used a thin layer of Mod Podge as I went, one side at a time.

Then I did the same thing with the box.

I let it dry, with the lid off the box, overnight.  The Mod Podge I used is high gloss.  I recommend using the matte finish if you do not cover the outside with Mod Podge.  You can see a little of the gloss in the corners on the inside of the box with the high gloss.

Now she has a box she can use for trinkets, jewelry, a gift for someone else, anything!!


  1. I LOVED my box!!!! I was going to ask Jen to make me something after seeing the project she made for the playroom, but she beat me to it. Thanks again!

  2. Happy Birthday Norrine a little late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The box is COOL!! : )


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