Saturday, September 11, 2010

Buried Treasure

A couple days ago a good friend of mine asked if I would be interested in some old furniture her mother had.  Her mom is thinking about downsizing so she was going to get rid of some stuff.  I love looking through other people's old stuff!  So I said sure.  And these little lovelies were in her basement.

Finding old furniture that I love is like finding buried treasure.  Sitting in someone's basement just waiting to be discovered.  Here are the red metal porch chairs and table on my porch.  They are perfect for watching my daughter ride her bike or reading a magazine.

She also had a vintage dinette from the 50s or 60s.  The chairs have the prettiest gray-green color.

The vintage dinette will be our new kitchen table (I think!).  I'm going to repaint our living room and dining room this week.  I'm jumping on the bandwagon and going with a nice light flannel gray.  Gray is all the rage right now.  Plus House Beautiful had a spread on west-facing rooms and what colors to use.  So I have the exact paint I want to use in mind.  My light yellow paint we have now turns into a "hot dog stand" yellow when the sun starts to set.  So we are going with gray.  So....more to come on the dinette once it makes it's way into our house.


  1. LOVE!
    and i'm so excited about your gray. it will go great with your cherry cabinets!!

  2. Great finds!
    Can't wait to see the dining set in place and new wall colors.

  3. Wonderful grandma had the same metal patio furniture on her front porch until she passed away. I have been looking for some to put on my front porch...only found the repoduction stuff at Lowes and the price is not for free.

  4. I'm glad you're enjoying the furniture...can't wait to see the new paint choice! You're an inspiration to us white walled friends.

  5. I had those EXACT chairs in my 1st home. My mom bought the seat & back replacements and I loved them!! Can't wait to see your new paint on the walls and everything in place! FUN!! :)


  6. Thanks for stopping by! We had furniture like that at my Granny's, too!


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