Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Henrietta's Afghan

My Great-Grandma Henrietta loved to sew and quilt.  I think every woman from that generation did.  My Great-Grandma Nora loved to crochet.  Part of that love of sewing is giving away what you've so lovingly created to someone you care about.  That's what passing things down to the next generation is all about - preserving history and giving.  So that's what my Great-Grandmas did. 

Grandma Henrietta made an afghan for every one of her grandkids, mom being one of them.  And now she has done what so many women have done before her, she passed it down to someone she loves - my daughter!

It is a beautiful purple color, which could not have made my daughter happier!  Now to plan a new decor scheme around this wonderful piece of art!

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  1. Grandma would be thrilled. I bet she's smiling now.


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