Sunday, December 5, 2010

Decorating for Christmas at Mom's

Mom did her Christmas decorating this weekend and our love of pheasants shows.  She uses a great color combination of deep chocolate brown, copper, sparkly rust and pheasant feathers.  And along with the green of the evergreen Christmas tree, the colors are amazing.

These feather bulbs are so elegant and rustic at the same time.

Every tree needs some sparkle!

Mom uses feathers and some sparkly twiggery to add texture to her tree.  She also uses both to create a natural tree topper.

The pheasant theme carries over to the mantel with the evergreen, pine cones, berries, and, of course, pheasant feathers.

The staircase was not neglected.  These beautiful bows carry the color theme throughout with chocolate brown, copper and evergreen.

To make your decorating cohesive remember these simple tips:

Stick to your color palette.  Mom uses chocolate brown, copper, rust, a little gold and the green from the tree.

Keep your color palette simple.  Mom's was in the same color family.  Bright colors work too.  Use all jewel tones, or all traditional red, green and gold, or how about retro lime green with red and silver.  Whatever it is, don't go crazy with a lot of different colors.

Carry your theme through all areas, but don't overdo it.  Our pheasant feathers appear in a lot of different spots, but in a limited amount.  The punch comes from restraint.

Happy decorating!!

Don't forget the Happy Hour Wednesday link party this week!!  Share your best holiday cocktail recipes!


  1. Beautiful tree! It's a fantastic color combination, and works so well with the natural elements you included! This year I'm doing the pink, aqua green thing- it's only my third Christmas in this house, so I'm still trying to get a hang of what it wants, but I'm liking what's up so far! It's so fun to explore the possibilities!
    : ) Meg

  2. Waht a great look. I love the pheasant theme!

  3. I too love feathers!!! I put them all over the house, candle holders, flower arrangements, etc...but pheasant feather in Australia cost >$15.00

  4. I love the way the theme turned out! And, thanks for sharing great holiday decorating advice :)

  5. I love this! I am sending the link to a friend of mine that loves feathers too...great job!


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