Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Hour #16 Women and Wine in Florida

Welcome to Happy Hour at Henrietta's House!!

Women and Wine parties consist of inviting all of your girlfriends over for some wine, food and fun!  Everyone brings their own bottle of wine and a glass and the hostess provides some food.

This weekend we had another fun Women and Wine party - this time in the Sunshine State!!

Mom outdid herself again and made some wonderful dips - avocado dip, shrimp dip and more.

She made her famous raspberry cheesecake tartlets and some Hershey's kiss with almond cookies.

Check out these endive stalks with dip!! Yum!

One of the ladies brought escargot in these beautiful shells.  I wasn't brave enough to try them but my sister was.  She said they were wonderful.  They tasted like mushrooms with garlic!  Maybe I'll get brave some day!

Check out our first Women and Wine party!



  1. I had so much fun. The Escargo...was amazing!

  2. Don't be afraid of escargot! I tasted it several years ago on a bet, and I TOTALLY won all around because it was really good!!! I am a meat & potatoes Midwestern girl, but I really liked it! The endive platter looks wonderful. I am gearing up to try a bunch of new dips. The shrimp dip sounds good. Great display, and really great 2-tier palm tree stand!


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