Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baggo Fun

This weekend will be full of fun, food, family and friends.  Why not a little friendly competition to make your get-together even more fun?

Baggo is a perfect, easy-going game with some friendly bean bag tossing.  Make up your teams - kid/grownup teams get the whole group together or you could do a kids competition and then get serious with grownups only.  Make up brackets on a piece of poster board to stay organized.  Once you have a winner, get out the big prize.

What prize, you ask?  Well, this week get a little gift basket together for the winner/s.  If you have a kids competition and grownups competition, have two baskets for each winning team (one for each winning team member).  Kids always love candy.  You could add sparklers, a red, white and blue beach towel, a mad libs book, etc, etc.  For the grownup team winners' baskets, how about some grill accessories - spatula, small pot, skewers, or a six-pack of pop/other beverage, candy, more sparklers, etc.  Make everything in the baskets red, white or blue.

Don't have a Baggo set?  Well, my good friend Anthony makes custom Baggo boards and bean bags.  Any team or theme.  Personally I would want one with some flowers, or maybe a fleur-de-lis wallpaper-like pattern in tone-on-tone aubergine... Well, you get the point. Get anything you want.  Below is Anthony's site.

Contact Anthony at Rock Island Cornhole.

I think my fleur-de-lis idea just made my Christmas list...

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