Monday, September 20, 2010

White Twig Centerpiece

I've been seeing a lot of white twigs - in magazines, catalogs, and graphic design.  So mom made me a white twig centerpiece that is sculptural, minimalist and a little beachy!  And it was so easy!!

First she gathered some twigs.  She chose very curvy twigs that were a little thicker.  But you can pick any kind you like.  Hers are also dead.  This will stop the arrangement from changing due to the twigs drying out.

Spray your twigs with some white spray paint and let them dry.

Then you take a crock, put a floral block in the bottom and stick in your twigs.  You may have to secure some of the twigs with hot glue.  It depends on how big your twigs are and how strong your floral block is.  It is that easy!!  I also put some twigs around it so they look as though they are growing out of the crock.

I also think spraying the twigs black would be interesting.  I'll see what mom's doing tomorrow...

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