Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Hour #7 Mini Shots for the Holidays

Welcome to another Happy Hour at Henrietta's House!  I was at Farm 'N Fleet a couple weeks ago looking at the toys.  They have great deals in their "Toyland."  And for those of you not familiar with Farm 'N Fleet, it is like Wal-Mart with a farming twist.  Love it!

Do you ever shop somewhere and find something totally unexpected?  This happened during this last trip to Farm 'N Fleet.  I found the neatest little shot cups.  They are made entirely of chocolate!

I had to get them for Thanksgiving.  Then I bought an assortment of Kahlua drinks - toasted almond, white russian, milk chocolate, and mudslide.  I also had a bottle of Mint Bailey's and Coffee Bailey's.

Then I picked up some real whipping cream.  I will never eat Cool Whip again.  Real whipping cream is worth every calorie!!

So I filled each little cup - they are about a third the size of a regular shot glass - and piped some whipped cream on top.  Then I decorated them!  And they were so good.  You can pop the whole thing in your mouth.

These are the perfect little liquid appetizers to fill a tray with and set out at your holiday party!  Every good appetizer needs to be bite-sized, pack a punch of flavor in that bite and be mobile.  Check, check, check!!

Be sure to link your favorite drink recipe, barware or holiday party ideas below.  Cheers!!


  1. What a very cool idea. I love chocolate and Kahula, Baileys, etc so what a treat. Yum, whipped cream!

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