Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Game Table...from the 1950s

A couple months ago I showed you the buried treasure I bought from my friend's mom.  After some major elbow grease - cleaning the Naugahyde seats and polishing the chrome - my 1950s dinette is finally in the house.  It is perfect in our basement as our game table!  We tried it out tonight with a puzzle, a penguin puzzle, of course!

Check out the before and after pics!


One of (many) things I love about this dinette are the seats - what you can't see.  Underneath the seats, there are original instructions on how to remove the seats, clean them, or order new.  Love that!!

I am also waiting on the rug to arrive that I ordered tonight.

I had a small version of it that compliments the green color of the seats, the gray top and our red furniture.  I can't wait until it gets here.  You can see how the little one looks so good with it. 

We'll be spending lots of quality family time at this table!

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  1. You got a beautiful dinette set! Perfect for family game playing!


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