Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Hour #15 Chilean Wine

Welcome to Happy Hour on Henrietta's House!!  We are snowed in here like much of the rest of the country.  What better time to have happy hour?!?  This week we are sampling some wonderful wine from Chile.  Dad was lucky enough to travel there and the host family he met was so warm and welcoming.  They all signed a book on Chile for him and he brought back some wine.

We set up the buffet to show off Mom's collection of demijohns.  Demijohns are vessels used to ferment beverages such as wine and beer.  Aren't they beautiful?  Mom picked them up at an auction and some on eBay.

Do you see me?

Look at this pretty wood box the appetizer plates came in.  Love it!!

We used some of Mom's Bareuther Waldsassen collection.  She has these appetizer plates that have the loveliest wine bottles on them.  Have you seen Mom's other Bareuther plates - Wine and Wildlife post and Elegant and Manly Table post.  Her collection is growing!

I hope you all enjoyed this week's Happy Hour! Stay warm everyone.



  1. I have never tried Chilean wine...will need to try it.
    Great collection of demi-johns!

  2. What a great collecting of demi-johns. I do remember one that my parents had -- long gone, who knows where.

  3. Such a sophistication choice for collecting...the demijohns...the Bareuther plates...your mom has quite a discerning eye. Thank you for sharing your wonderful vignette. Cherry Kay


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