Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Hour #24 Chocolate Caramel Martinis

Welcome to another Happy Hour at Henrietta's House!  This week our favorite bartender, Cortney, mixed up some delish white chocolate caramel and milk chocolate caramel martinis using Godiva liqueur (to die for!) and our favorite Trojka caramel vodka!

For the white chocolate caramel martini, Cortney spiraled some white chocolate and caramel syrup in a martini glass then shook up some goodness with:

2 parts Trojka caramel vodka
1 part Creme de Cacao light
1 part Godiva white chocolate

This was so rich and yummy, but it had an airiness that you could drink all night!  I'm not a white chocolate fan but this one totally won me over.

For the milk chocolate caramel martini, spirals again but this time with chocolate and caramel syrup.  And to add a little something the rim on this glass has cocoa powder and sugar on it.

This time around Cortney used the same ratio but swapped the light and white for dark:

2 parts Trojka caramel vodka
1 part Creme de Cacao dark
1 part Godiva dark chocolate

Love this one!!  I can't resist anything that's chocolaty!

Thank you, Cortney, and cheers everyone!!

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  1. I am a beer drinker myself, but those drinks look (and sound) amazing!


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