Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pottery Barn Bunnies Knockoffs

Have you seen the Pottery Barn catalog with the cute white ceramic bunnies?  They are adorable but a little expensive for this girl.  So we decided to make our own.

Wal-Mart had these gray resin bunnies for around $10 each.  That's close to a third of what the PB bunnies are.

Nothing a little glossy white spray paint can't cure!!

Now we have the look of PB without the cost!!  And I can spend my money on chocolate peanut butter eggs instead.  Yum!

The ceramic bunnies appear in the latest Pottery Barn catalog. I was unable to find them on their website.


  1. Hi Jenny, Your bunnies are adorable! Nothing like white spray paint to make things extra pretty! Linda

  2. They look so cute. How can you go wrong with these bunnies!

  3. OOOO. LOVE them, better get to Wal-Mart fast!! ;- )

  4. I got some sweet little bunnies this year at the Dollar Store. Yours are precious. You just can't beat spray paint!!!


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