Friday, September 24, 2010

Summer Still Hanging On

The leaves are changing, the homecoming football game is tonight and it's a little chillier today than yesterday.  Summer will soon be gone, but according to my garden it is still hanging on!  My cucumber vines are dying off and in the foreground of the picture my broccoli experiment yielded nothing.  But in the middle of this weedy mess, the jalapenos are still going strong.

And the cherry tomatoes are having a second blooming, which is great.  I love those things!  The basil is going crazy and flowering.  I'm not sure what that means but the leaves are still so aromatic and plenty. 

And my favorite herb in the world, lavender is blooming slowly and sparsely, but those few flowers are worth it.  I'm still working on having enough for one drawer sachet.  Oh well!!

Soon it will be time to put the garden to bed and wait for Spring.  I would consider this year's garden a success!!


  1. those chilies would sure look good in a salsa!

  2. Those jalapeños are beauties, especially the corked ones...they'd make delicious poppers!
    My lavender stopped blossoming ages ago...wish it flowered until frost.

  3. Pinch back those blossoms.....we're going to make pesto with your basil.
    Stuff your peppers with cream cheese and bake them......yum.


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